Why You Should Compile An AudioBook

Bspoke Marketing Services are pleased to be able to offer clients our new Bspoke AudioBook Compilation Service but why would you wan’t to compile an AudioBook rather than an eBook.

Well to start with an AudioBook doesn’t necessary stop the need for having an eBook offering, rather it actually compliments it and gives the user the option of delivering in their preferred learning style be it visual or audio. So for business courses, learning,  delivering and receiving coaching new skills and methodology this is an ideal accompaniment to have on the menu.

But it can also be used for individuals such as a Grandparent who would like his family to understand what he or she underwent during their lifetime. Maybe they experienced war like conditions or who served their country in some way. They could use this medium to recollect their story and pass this onto to further generations.

Maybe they are a parent who due to the nature of their work means they are kept away for long periods from their family and through the power of audio can read to their children each night at bedtime or whom are separated through marital arrangements and would like their children to remember them through the power of audio.

Maybe you are someone or know someone who has a really interesting tale to tell and would like to share their experience with others be this in the family or with friends or indeed you might be a service man or woman who wants to self reflect their time served in order to help themselves or others through the power of audio.

Indeed the power of audio knows no bounds and can be used in a myriad of ways that text just doesn’t reach.

Stuck for a Christmas Gift or Anniversary Present then consider a Personalised AudioBook as your gift to others. Maybe you are leaving your employment and changing jobs or retiring or moving away from friends and neighbours and you wish to leave them a parting gift.

Possibly you are delivering coaching courses to multiple people who are spread throughout and to save costs of travel and accommodation as well as time away from the office or class you could produce your AudioBook to be shared on the network.

But not everyone is comfortable speaking using their own voice, maybe they are monotone or difficult to understand or just get tongue tied. Maybe they don’t have the means or equipment or even knowledge or the time to produce their own AudioBook but see the benefits of having their own.  This is where Bspoke Marketing Services comes in and we can help you compile your AudioBook, using your own voice or we can substitute with a natural sounding human voice in male or female.

We will do all the heavy lifting and compile this for you. All you have to do is either send in an audio file with your own spoken words on there on how you want to hear, such as a bedtime story you want to be read out to your children at night or you can send in text document like word that we can turn from text into speech. How great is that, we will produce your AudioBook for you and deliver this in an MP3 file AudioBook format that can be downloaded and played back, multiple times.