AudioBook Compilation Service

We are now able to offer our new AudioBook Compilation Service to accompany our eBook Design & Build Services.

Why AudioBooks are the new kids on the block and fast becoming everyone’s favourite medium for enjoying a book.

AudioBooks really have come of age especially with our busy active lives we have, we are able to listen on the go to books now for leisure and for learning. Everyone has their preference whether it be be reading text or listening to audio and for some people they prefer audio over text for learning.  AudioBooks are great for retention and to supplement previous knowledge to solidify information. You will retain and reinforce much more information and this is great for courses and where the information you learn is to be used for self education and to add to learned business skills and activities.

One of the main advantages of AudioBooks is that you can pace the information you consume, which allows for faster learning which means that if you want to go through a lot of information, this is a great way to do that.

As much as we discourage multitasking, sometimes it can be useful and effective. AudioBooks are great for that. You can listen while you’re cleaning the house, folding clothes, relaxing in your living room or lying in bed or walking the dog (please remember to keep your focus on your surroundings and only listen when you feel comfortable to do so). Unlike a book you do not need to turn the page. It’s especially effective when you’re commuting. I used to listen to tons on my way to work and I learned a lot of things while I was stuck in traffic. Plus it was really uplifting and made me more engaged at work.

Reading inspirational quotes and passages are great, but it doesn’t beat listening to a person that motivates you to do great things while you’re learning at the same time. Like music listening to AudioBooks can be uplifting and lift your spirits.

AudioBooks are really convenient. You can have them on your phone, iPod, computer and in the car. This makes the content accessible and you can easily continue where you left off from last time. Whenever I’m reading a book, I need to find myself a quiet place and almost force myself to be fully present. With AudioBooks I find it much easier to pick it up and start consuming – regardless of location, noise level or time of day. It’s just so convenient.