LongTerm Content Strategy

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Your content strategy is crucial when it comes to the optimisation of your site for higher ranking in search results. As such, it is imperative to create content that is relevant and authoritative in your niche. An effective content strategy is one that takes into account the user experience, as well as the attainment of the set goals and objectives. A well-defined content strategy is a map or guide for the achievement of your goals and objectives. To this end, an effectively developed long-term content strategy allows you to articulate your goals in order to create relatable and quality content for your audience. When developing a content strategy for y our site, always ensure that the content creates a lasting impact on the intended audience. More subtly, it is important that the content therein provides depth and is applicable in the long-run. Here are questions to answer when developing a long-term content strategy for your site.
1 Who are your customers?
2 What are their pain points?
3 Have you brainstormed content ideas for your niche site?
4 Does your content offer solutions to your customers’ issues?
5 Are your goals defined?
6 Is your content keyword focused?
7 Do you have a defined value proposition?
8 Have you established the metrics and KPIs for evaluating content strategies?
9 What are your content marketing strategies?
10 Does your content answer queries to which your site ranks high in the search results?
11 Have you selected a content management system?
12 Does your content strategy align with your goals?
13 Have you conducted audits for your content?
14 Are there data and chart comparisons for your contents.
15 Does your content include a combination of videos, writing, and images?
16 How often are you publishing content on your site?
17 How long are your published contents?
18 Have you checked for spelling and grammar errors on your site?
19 Is your content internally and externally linked to other valuable and relevant content?
20 Is the content on your site organised into categories and structure?
21 Have you conducted a thorough competitor research to identify opportunities and gaps?
22 Is your overall content engaging?
23 Does the content add value to your audience?