CV Video Resume

In a hiring process that increasingly resembles speed dating, First impressions are very important. This starts with the first thing a potential employer sees Your resume. The quality of your resume makes a first impression and can determine whether or not a potential employer will consider you for an interview. Up until now the covering letter is the first thing that is seen with the attached CV. Today we are offering job applicants something different, can you imagine the engagement your covering letter would get with your own introductory video message INSIDE the email.

Even better you could apply send out multiple emails for the positions that catch your eye and the video will start once the email is opened by the receiver, so you know your message will be heard and be noticed. Of course there are no guarantees but you will be making an impression and could be the difference for getting the interview.

With the Coronavirus having such a major impact on peoples lives and jobs the unemployment figures keep rising. For many people they are are finding themselves up against many many others for the same job vacancies and many will send out hundreds if not applications. For the employers and recruitment agencies they are having to sift through mountains of applicants. It is therefore essential to get your application noticed and to have your CV standout. The cover letter is key to the application process and your opportunity to create good impression on potential employers. Today we can offer you a new approach using  an introductory video address inside your email.

This is where we can help you to make a difference and this is how:

Imagine if you will, you are the recruiter and are faced with hundreds of emails on your computer with their attached CV’s etc. You open the email and also most immediately a video starts up with the applicant talking direct to you for a short period of time. This is your first opportunity to make a good impression and you can be sure that your covering letter / introductory address will be noticed. Few other applicants will be using this approach so already you standout.  Contact us to find out more how we can take your video that you supply to us and embed this inside an email or multiple emails.

First impressions count:

Your CV is the first thing that will be seen by any potential employer, and could determine whether or not you’ll be invited for an interview. Recruiters spend an average of 5-7 seconds looking at a resumé, so it’s vital that yours makes a good impression immediately. Your CV should show off your skills and experience in a way that will make you stand out from amongst your fellow candidates, putting you front and centre with recruiters and hiring managers.

Now if you want a Stylish Looking CV Resume to really hit the mark then take a look at our Stylish CV Professional Quality Style Sheets, then see how you can your Own Bespoke CV Resume that will stand out from the boring and mundane and really make a splash! Contact us to find out more on how we can help you in your search for a job and give you the edge you are looking for.