How We Make Your Website ADA & WCAG Compliant

We will initially offer to run a report that will tell if the website is compliant or violates ADA & WCAG and if so the report will highlight which areas need to be addressed to make it compliant. This is report is ‘Free Of Charge’. If the client wishes us to address these areas of violations in the report we will offer our correction services for a fixed price that is both affordable and very competitively priced.
See how this works on a live website click here and on the page it takes you to click on the white silouette button you see at lower left on the page to activate.

Enabling the Accessibility Toolbar

The  accessibility toolbar menu can be enabled by clicking or tapping the accessibility menu icon that appears on the website. After triggering the accessibility menu, a variety of tools will be available to the user/visitor to help improve their browsing experience, such as font size, colour contrast settings and more for website users. This allows for improved website navigation, usability and compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines & Recommendations (WCAG 2.1). This ensures is made easier to use and is more accessible for people with disabilities. Most importantly gives the protection for the website owner from legal sharks.

The below show you just some of the Accessibilty features that will be enabled on your site to meet the requirements

This is just a couple of elements that you need to make your website and content accessible to ensure it meets WCAG. Our toolbar can be installed on your website along with an embed code that will protect your business.

In excess of 10,00 lawsuits filed in the US alone, but it won’t be long before lawyers will join the next gold rush here in the UK and across Europe. The WCAG already applies and the EU are bringing out new legislation which impacts the UK. And with many more businesses moving online and away from the bricks and mortar they may not be aware of the giant pitfalls that could impact them.

As business seek to recover the last thing they need is to be hit with a lawsuit. There is no warning letter, no correspondence, no email. Once the plaintiff has instructed the legal team they will file a claim against the company concerned. Like most the cost of fighting any such claim will be considerably be more than the offer to settle out of court and likely have little chance.

Below is a detailed report of the accessibility and ADA compliance audit for:

You would then get a detailed of the non compliance found on the website. But the fact that an Accessibility Widget has been detected is enough to delay or remove entirely the threat of legal action against your business. As the plaintiff will not be able to show that the business or their web designers have failed to design in their website accommodations to meet the Disability Act but rather the degree of the design and groups accommodated. This is much harder to prove in court and as such the lawyer is less liable to take this on from the Plaintiff and would move on looking for easier pickings.

In any case they could not file as to not having taken into account but rather the degree of that accountability and would buy time if necessary to remedy any further detailed non compliance. For any business who has been approached it is likely that the legal team has come across their website after searching thought the Internet and uses spider methods to crawl through the many names and urls available to them. A spider crawl would identify if such an Accessibility Widget was present on the site and it it was would move on to the next one in the list. So this Accessibility Widget would likely as not prevent your website from being targeted and your business being faced with a financial lawsuit against it.