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Building a quality email list is one of the most effective ways of monetising your niche site and maximising sales from the incoming traffic to your site. An email list is a good lead generation strategy for your site but with the right approach, it is also effective for the monetisation of your site. An email list cushions your site in the event of declining traffic from search engines and other sources and further provides additional avenues for earning such as through email marketing. Conceptually, email marketing is a powerful tool and one of the most effective strategies for reaching and engaging your target audience. To this effect therefore, building a quality email list is instrumental when it comes to expanding your brand’s reach and ultimately maximising your earnings. This checklist addresses the factors to consider when building a quality email list for your niche site.
Part 1 – Targeted Campaigns
1 Create targeted email campaigns for your list.
2 Segment your list based on defined customer personas.
3 Niche down your list based on psychographics, demographics.
4 Optimise your email campaigns based on purchase history.
5 Send re-engaging emails based on purchasing behaviours.
6 Send transactional emails to purchasing clients.
Part 2 – CTA (Call To Action)
7 Include a CTA button on your niche site.
8 Apply visual CTAs such as charts and images.
9 Personalise the CTAs to optimise your site for opt-ins.
Part 3 – Opt-in
10 Create a professional opt-in form.
11 A/B tests your email opt-in forms to test the elements for improvements.
12 Include a clear and concise description of the opt-in.
Part 4 – Lead Magnet
13 Create a lead magnet that is relevant to your niche.
14 Check that your lead magnet is captivating.
Part 5 – Boosting List
15 Create daily deals that include ‘emails only’ specials to boost your list.
16 Leverage the power of social media to pitch your email newsletter for higher email engagements.
17 Actively engage in blogs and forums and provide links to your site.
18 Encourage visitors on your site to sign up.
19 Consider content marketing to increase subscribers.
• Leverage tools and resources such as Aweber and Convertkit for email list automation.
• Use plugins such as List Builder, Scroll Box, and the Smart Bar for email capture on your site.