Add Talking Humantars To Prezentar Presentations

We can ‘WOW‘ your audiences when you add these fantastic Humantar talking clips to your overlay your Presentation in the language of your choice with many translations available.

We can even take your text input and have these Humantars speak the Presentation through lip synch movement.

But first what is a ‘Talking Humantar’

Sometimes you may hear them referred to as Virtual Web Agents (VWA). These Virtual Web Agents Can Message In Various Poses including natural calm, confident, call to act and waving hands effects.  Here are a few below for each of them: They can also include just a head shot or a body shot depending on clients preference.

Meet The Humantars    See Live Demo’s    Humantar Video Spokespersons    Virtual Web Agents Greetings In Action

The exciting thing  is now we have the capability to be able to add Humantars to overlay the Prezentar Designed Slides. Now we can take these Slide Decks and or  existing video clips or create a new video for you and add our Humantar Video Spokesperson to them just like these shown below: Just chose the Humantar you would like to see on the video and we will do the heavy lifting. This is taking Presentations to a whole new level and will amaze your audience and help you get their attention, or land the Investment that you hoped to get when you set out with your Pitch.