Adding Essential Plugins

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Plugins refer to additional tools that add functionality to your website and while it is not necessarily mandatory to install all plugins on your site, it is essential to determine the most crucial plugins that are essential for the safe and effective operability of your niche site. There are myriad plugins (both free and premium) that enhance different functionalities for your site. Depending on the type of plugin and your site’s needs, your selected plugin serves by either extending the capabilities of your site or by adding features to your site without altering the site. Identifying the most important plugins for your niche site will go a long way towards customisation and optimisation of the content therein. Here are plugins to consider for your site’s optimisation.
Part 1 – General Aspects
1 Determine your niche site’s needs and the necessary plugins for your needs.
2 Evaluate the security of your selected plugin.
3 Check for the plugin’s update history.
4 Examine your selected plugin’s change log to identify updates and additional features.
5 Evaluate the developer’s reputation through online reviews.
6 Ascertain the availability of support for your selected plugin.
7 Evaluate the features of the free versus premium plugins to determine the best option for your site.
8 Consider plugin bundles.
9 Compare different plugins to determine the best option.
10 Check out the online ratings of your selected plugin.
11 Test the plugin before and after installation.
12 Double check to ensure your selected plugin is not offered by your host.
Part 2 – Technical Aspects
13 Evaluate the plugin’s memory usage.
14 Consider.
15 Determine whether a plugin fosters an increase or decrease in the number of queries.
16 Check that your plugin does not generate PHP errors.
17 Determine whether an installed plugin generates JavaScript errors on your console.
18 Ensure your plugin does not affect your site’s speed and grade.
19 Check for availability of FAQs and other useful resources.
• Some of the popular plugins in the market include YoastSEO, WP Forms, Cachify, BAckWPup, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Jetpack, Akismet, WooCommerce, Elementor.
• Search for plugins from developers’ websites, Code Canyon, and