How We Can Help Your Business Survive And Grow

We are able to offer business the opportunity to offer their online visitors the pathway to a smooth journey on their sites.

We are able to offer Virtual Web Agents ( see more on the use of VWA ) which will help to give clear direction and sign posting of ‘Special Offers’ for example or explain what they can expect to find on the site and direct people to where you want them to go. Maybe its a newsletter subscription service, a competition page or a New Customer Coupon Discount Code, you get the picture. Virtual Web Agents are used to help support announcements and key messaging for your online visitors.

We can also offer 3D 360 Degree spin video and embeds on your site to help shoppers make their selections through the use of zooming in on the image details, in the same way they might pick it up to examine the product in the store and bring it closer to them. They can also rotate the product to see how it looks back and front or left and right in the same way they might turn it in their hands in the store.

We can also help with placement of business advertising and marketing material to gain Traffic, be this on social media network platforms or in printed magazines, delivered to the home through their letterbox or through a bespoke  online marketing campaign for clients. We can even manage the business social media requirements for them if they require.

The MetaGog is set to become a giant tunnel for which many will enter and for businesses they will need to compete with new competition and work smarter to land the customer order. They will be faced with a choice they can either join the multitude and take their place alongside the many competitors seeking out often the same customer. Using the same keywords, the same SEO terms, or bidding higher on CPC  and paying out more for sponsored advertising often leading to a sense of Insanity. Which in effect means ‘If you do the same thing time and time again then you you will get the same result each time’.

So they need to find a way to get their business noticed by other means and fish in a shallower pool where they are less likely to get picked off by predators.

What can the business owner do to build an online trust between them and their customer to encourage them to return.