Why Would You Rent A VWA

We have already discussed the benefits previously for business owner and introduced the Virtual Web Agent (VWA) concept so lets explain a little more about the benefits to the business of using them.  You already understand that for a business to survive and grow they need traffic, but that is just the first step, once they have the traffic they need to be able to engage clearly with the user of their site page in a way that is sending a positive buying signal to the visitor.

As the customer lands on the page or url that they they have been directed to, they are met with a Humantar (Virtual Web Agent) who greets them with a welcome message and  speaks to them clearly , pointing out what the special offer or other introductory message. They also show clearly a direct link to other pages or sales content material that the visitor just clicks.

Before it was not uncommon for Sales Reps to turn up at a business on a regular basis to show to the customer or client, their company’s latest merchandise or special offer and engage with them, but now this is mostly done online, using the various digital marketing tools available such as video, ebooks, social media and webinars and more. The problem being every company is fighting for the customer spending dollar / pound, that can often be the same customers who can chose where to spend their purchasing power. This puts the businesses at risk and they have dilemma in how to attract the customer to their store and once there what can they do to engage them and get them to spend in their store and not their competitors. No longer do you need a fancy bricks and mortar type business to win the business if you have an online purchasing platform.

So imagine your Sales Rep is now the Virtual  Web Agent who will deliver your sales pitch, either through an embed overlay on the site page or through a video posted on social media or on the site itself. A video that would have the background of your choice. For example, the background could be a virtual background such as a beach setting, if you were trying to sell travel holidays or maybe an office environment or shop setting if you were selling a product. For a real estate agent you could have them pictured inside a room inside the house, the choice is endless and only limited by your imagination.

We can even make the Humantar look like yourself or someone you know through changing the facial characteristics and e can even upload your own voice if you prefer. But many people do not like appearing on video themselves or even speaking through a microphone so the use of the Humantar allows them to select from our own library of characters and voices that closely match their requirements, such as should they be wearing casual or a suit, should they speak with male or female voices, young or old, according to the target market they are seeking to engage with, in the same way they would employ them in the real world. And of course we are able to bespoke them in way that suits the client requirements.


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