Best Practise To Using A Video Proposal & Contract

B2B sales are often tricky. As it involves a lot of back and through between both parties.

Clients always have so many questions and Email doesn’t always work well.

Video is highly useful in This B2B scenario. And if you couple it with Your Proposal, Clients’ Closures can happen so fast that you think it’s MAGIC.

So the idea is not to Send the Proposal Right away whenever you get a LEAD, Read both old and New Methods below and give it a try –

Here is an OLD Method of Closing Clients – You get a Lead, You get in touch with them on Email or Phone call, You pitch your Services via making a Proposal and wait for the client to accept.

This method takes time, and you don’t have any possible way to lock the deal faster.

NEW Method of Closing Clients FAST -> You get a lead, we create a Video Proposal on your behalf using your input. Explain all things in the Video on how they are getting all the things they need. Attach Supporting Images, Text along with it dependent on each clients bespoke requirements.

We then send the link to our clients and they…send a link to their Client where they will see all details and have the Opportunity To Sign the Proposal Instantly. 

And With the integrated E-Signature feature, their prospect can sign their legally binding contract in minutes.

We can use Multimedia Elements such as Video, Images, etc., to Impress Your Clients and make this bespoke to them and gives an easy way to e-sign for both parties and close the deals faster.

Not only does it speed the whole process up but it reduces the need for extra travel and the costs associated with taking time away from the office to meet the client, if indeed the client will even agree to meet up due in part to the extra risk of meeting people presented by Covid.

Some Insurance companies and businesses have cottoned onto this approach already in the UK as mailing was not only slow but could get lost or there was extra courier costs for hand delivery incurred. Unlike emails passwords can be attached to the Video proposals to ensure only the right decision takers can open the proposal and contract.

Full traceability is then applied once the contract has been signed and accepted by the client and the contract is then locked down to ensure that neither party can alter it.