Digital Storefront Rental Service

We Will Build And Rent You A Digital Storefront.

We are really excited at being able to offer our Digital Storefront out to clients as a Rental Service. Especially as there is nothing like this available out there and we we believe this fill the void.

Now you can have your own awesome e-commerce mobile-first websites, pixel-perfect on any device and 100% search-engines friendly, without the worry of maintaining the site.

If you were a business who needed a website you would either have to build and manage this internally or through a 3rd party. Often it would cost a lot of money to get a good looking site that lacked the functionality required to make your website work. Sure it would look pretty and worked well as a postage board for your business but without the ability to take payments and orders from your visitors often they are a glorified online shop window.

But to get this functionality would often cost a lost of money and you would be then be paying out even more to maintain and host and deal with any issues that arose if the site was down or the plugins had a conflict of interest and were either not updated or when they were, caused issues in others widgets or plugins on the site.

Now we are really pleased to rent out our Digital Space as Digital Landlords. We would build and maintain the site and manage this on the clients behalf for the length of the time of the contract. Without any need to payout hefty web-design or hosting fees. Then at the end of the fixed contract it could either be re-negotiated or closed down with no financial penalties.

The period of rental can be quarterly up to a year with a fixed price. Of course if you wanted to spend out big money on a new website you have the option to do so. This way if you are unsure you wan’t to invest big money, then by using the Digital Storefront Rental you are enabling your business for e-commerce without the additional web-designer fees and we will also manage the social media as well to help you get traffic to your site.

All business can benefit from having their Digital Storefront and can be linked alongside existing websites.

How is a ‘Digital Storefront’ different from a website, which most businesses already have?

Most business in 2021 already have a website and a social media presence, but most of these websites are nothing more than a fancy online business card. Most standard small business websites DO NOT have ‘ Touchless Online Ordering Capabilities’ that allow customers to shop for products/services, pay online and even have those items shipped to their doorstep with just a few clicks. This is why Digital Storefronts are in such high demand right now!

Helping Businesses To Grow