Prezentar Carousel

Each slide can be linked to a url such as video or a website or social media page. There is space to create a text title and description of the slide. Not all slides need to be linked and in the case above here are only 5 slides linked when you click on the slide, but you can see the potential for external url links as it becomes an interactive Call To Action (CTA) and Audience Engagement Factor (AEF)

These 3D rotating carousels are today’s HOT TREND in web design, and you can use them for all kinds of stuff including…

Affiliate Offers, Digital Products, Business Galleries, Freelancer Portfolios, eCommerce Pages, Tutorials, Testimonials and so much more…

Using our new powerful MAGICAL 3D ROTATING CAROUSELS to turn your images, presentations and ebooks into eyeball grabbing carousels that ENGAGE them and keep them WANTING MORE!

Engage your visitors with unique spinning carousels they can spin around to find the slide they want.

Allow your visitors to “peak ahead” and find other slides in your presentation that matter to them most.

Give your audience a 3D carousel as a reference point for important content or website links to view.

Present your products, services or info in a unique attention grabbing way that makes you stand out.