Energy Smart Products

Household appliances are not designed to be left on standby mode overnight. Effortlessly turn off household items in the evening and switch back on in the morning, significantly reducing your energy costs and potential fire hazards. Ideal for those with mobility issues. Remote control plugs have a full 30m range and high radio frequency for out of sight appliances. Perfect for plug sockets situated in hard to reach and awkward places, reducing energy wastage. Check out the range of devices available and can be purchased as singles, double, or triple socket  sets.

Use the device to switch all appliances off at the plug ( instead of leaving on standby), even those with mobility issues or plugs that can be in hard to reach places can now be switched off by using the remote control either directly in the wall if they are connected or through an extension. Leaving on your appliances accounts for 6% of the energy usage in your home.

Connect all computer and peripheral devices like scanners and printers to an extension block and use the remote to switch off power. If your children have devices in their rooms then switch off the power at a time you chose to ensure all the devices are switched off and they get their much needed sleep for the next day.

Home entertainment systems including TV’s, set top boxes, DVD Players, game consoles etc, consume power when left on. Switch the power using a remote control socket and this will not reduce the lifetime of the appliance as some might say but it also reduces the risk of a fire as it is known to be a fire hazard when devices are continually left on in standby mode.

Author S.Coleman posted 220617 (Reference EnergySmart.Solutions)