Rental Service Prices

We understand that Business budget are being squeezed tighter than ever and many are on the road to recovery, so we are determined to offer our clients value for money at the most cost effective price points.

As far as we are aware this is the first business service offering these short term rental services designed to support Small and Medium Sized Businesses as well as Single Office Home Office and in particular the new Start Up Businesses. We have priced our services to be able to reach out to different types of businesses.

Period                    Embed Virtual Web Agent                    Video Only                    Embed Virtual Web Agent & Video

1 Month                                   £10                                                     £10                                                          £15

6 Months                                 £50                                                     £50                                                          £90

12 Months                              £90                                                     £90                                                          £120

3D 360  Creations                   Embed 360 Spin                    360 Spin Video  Only                    Embed 360 Spin & 360 Spin Video

1 x 360 creations                                   £35                                                       £35                                                          £50

5 x 360 creations                                  £175                                                     £175                                                        £250

10 x 360 creations                               £300                                                     £300                                                         £500

Payable in instalments over 6 month and maximum 12 month period dependent on the type of contract.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on this and any other marketing requirements for your business and find out how we can support with quality and affordable marketing packages that will be hard to beat.


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