Focussed Publications Can Deliver The Holy Grail For Advertisers

For advertisers to get a seemless transition from a printed page to the consumer interacting with their smartphone at the point of a sales interest or buying signal being received by the consumer would be the holy grail. It is well understood that the picture or image is the most powerful influencing tool used by marketers across the globe.

Focussed Publications Ltd offer just that with their unique advertising campaign that cover 4 media platforms but also offers the advertiser the oportunity to display their advert on a display screen inside 5 black 8-seater cabs in Corby, Northants.  This gives the advertisers in excess of 350 plays per day and over 10,500 plays per month to users of the black cabs. Their free to door magazines are distributed to 25,000 homes in the Corby area and are backed up with radio, internet, social media and mobile app

In print, augmented reality is being used to transport consumers from the print page to the website through their smartphones. This enriches the brand experience for the magazine reader, bringing them through from awareness to purchase.  Enhancing magazines with ecommerce capability is greatly advantageous for brands as magazines have been proven to be able to drive “action” amongst its readers.

The Advertising ROI study found that on average, a magazine ad is remembered by 58 per cent of respondents, and out of them, 72 per cent take specific “actions” after seeing the ad. These actions range from looking up more information about the brand, recommending the product/service to others, to actually purchasing them.

Author S.Coleman posted 220617 (Reference eMarketer)