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Link building is one of the long-term strategies that boosts higher ranking in Google search results in that links are among the top factors analysed by Google for ranking. Search engines including Google perceive links as testimonials of your content and as such, Google uses the quality of your links to judge the quality of the content therein. In addition to increasing domain rankings, building quality leads enhances your site’s credibility and overall trustworthiness of your site to your target audience. While link building is instrumental to the growth of your site, it is worth noting that there are several link building tactics and approaches that can lead to penalties, and are detrimental to your overall growth. This checklist is a guide for link building strategies that boost your niche site’s ranking.
1 Use affiliate marketing to build links.
2 Consider high-quality guest blogging.
3 Leverage broken links to build quality back-links.
4 Consider ego-bait content for link building and lead generation.
5 Use trending topics to build links and boost traffic to your site.
6 Optimise visual content on your site for links.
7 Conduct competitor back-link analysis to identify opportunities.
8 Track brand mentions by setting Google alerts.
9 Create relevant and sharable content.
10 Consider providing testimonials and reviews for other brands.
11 Incorporate social bookmarking in your link building strategies.
12 Leverage directories to get foundational links.
13 Submit your infographics to various infographics directories for back links.
14 Submit videos with links to your site.
15 Consider submitting articles to top article directories (options include and
16 Optimize web 2.0 sites (such as,, Squidoo).
17 Reach out to bloggers and influencers to promote your content.
18 Create Whitehat back-links by creating data heavy content.
19 Create surveys and studies.
20 Support and donate to charities.
Use back linking tools such as such as AAhrefs, Majestic, Moz PRO, Linkody, Bulk URL Analyser.