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In addition to making money, affiliate marketing is advantageous in terms of site optimisation. Affiliate marketing gets customers and potential customers to your site and this goes a long way in terms of driving quality traffic to your niche site. Essentially, affiliate marketing helps scale up your niche site and increases your site’s visibility. SEO-focused affiliate marketing has a lot to do with selecting a niche that most people are interested in. One of the factors to consider when embarking on SEO-focused affiliate marketing aimed at optimising your site is the search volume of popular keywords associated with your selected affiliate marketing product/niche. Notably, an affiliate product with a higher volume keyword search results is likely to drive more traffic to your site. Here are factors to consider when leveraging affiliate marketing to optimise your site.
1 Have you signed your site for an affiliate network?
2 Have you selected the niche and products you wish to promote?
3 Are the affiliate links placed on your site?
4 Have you selected the right keywords for SEO?
5 Have you included the affiliate links on the site in your social media platforms?
6 Have you inserted affiliate links on high performing pages?
7 Does your site accommodate affiliate keywords?
8 Is your site’s user experience optimised?
9 Is your site crawl-able and useful to end users?
10 Are you leveraging YouTube to promote the affiliate products?
11 Are you maximising email marketing?
12 Have you considered paid ads to promote the affiliate link on your site?
13 Are you creating a sense of scarcity and urgency (FOMO)?
14 Have you included exit pop-ups on your site?
15 Is social proof included in the site?
16 Does your site contain trust badges such as awards?
17 Have you included uniquely attractive and quality images on the site?
18 Is there a clear call to action?
19 Have you considered cross-selling to enhance user experience?
20 Have you included authoritative and credible back-links?
21 Is your site included in resources pages of other websites?
• Consider using website audit tools to analyse your site.
• Options include SiteAnalyzer, SEO Site Checkup, Sitechecker, SEO Analyser.