Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Helps Businesses…

Many businesses that once relied upon footfall to bring to customers through their doors have had a huge awakening with the Coronavirus pandemic impacting their trade and are having to rapidly change their business model and marketing strategies. For those businesses that had no presence online are having to set up websites, SEO, social media network management processes and are adapting to a new online business model.

The problem comes when after setting themselves up online they still face the daunting prospect of few visitors to their websites and face countless hours and spend trying to boost their SEO or social media presence on networks. It is frustrating when they see the huge potential to get online traffic like some are able to do so.

But there are individuals who have major followers and viral traffic and are known as Social Influencers. If only there is a way to get these Social Influencers to promote your business on their social media network. Well now there is, we can bring together businesses that are looking for Social Influencers in their specific niche area that have one million plus traffic.  Imagine the impact this could have on your business if coupled with the right type of promotional campaign.

But aren’t Social Influencers expensive, well generally they are but our database features many individuals who are seeking regular clientel and we are able to offer this which helps to reduce their fees, which we can pass onto our own clients. If this is something that your business could benefit from, maybe you are launching a new product or a new service which can be delivered on or offline and would like a Social Influencer to help to positively influence, then you should talk to FMS Digital and see how we can help to build your business.

If you want to promote on Facebook you can can spend out on Facebook Sponsored Advert Campaigns and or you can work with FMS Digital and we can reach over 4 million through our 250 Facebook Groups alone for a fixed cost that won’t increase based on the numbers that you reach, unlike Facebook where you could spend hundreds and  thousands to reach the same numbers. Or we can reach out through other Social Media Networks

When their followers see the  Social Influencer mentioning your brand or product, it builds social trust and increases your brand recall value. Peer recommendations carry a lot of weight. People are more likely to buy a product or service when recommended by those they trust, such as Social Influencers they follow.

We can FIND Influencers (each with over 1M subscribers) from Our HUGE Database based on niches, countries and number of followers from  TikTok™, Instagram™, YouTube™, Twitter™, Tumblr™, Reddit™ & Blogs Influencers.