Email Marketing Video Service

Video email marketing is the newest trend and it’s taken the email marketing world by storm.

With the world moving online due to the pandemic, businesses know that BOTH Video & Email Marketing are essential for their survival & growth. But are you…

Tired of all the effort you put into drafting beautifully written emails?
Sick of being dumped into spam & trash?
Annoyed by dipping sales and low profits?
You’re not alone. Every business is currently facing this problem. Everyone is using email marketing but few are doing it correctly. The BIG brands have cottoned onto this and using Email Video Marketing Services to maximise engagement and to drive sales revenue and locking out their smaller competitors to gain competitive advantage.

Now for the first time ever you can now add REAL videos into your emails.  You can now convey your messages faster using the number one medium video. Adding videos can WOW your audience & tempt them to buy more from you! This will give you an unfair advantage over your competition and maximise your results!

Combine the power of Email & Video to get record engagement & conversions. We can add CTAs (Call-to-action) into the Videos and get you MAXIMUM Clicks.

1. Videos are the only form of content that work in this day and age
2. Gone are the days when simple email marketing brought great conversions

To simply state a fact – email marketing in the traditional way is done & over with. We are able to COMBINE the power of EMAILS and VIDEOS… to…DRIVE Sales… DRIVE Engagement … DRIVE Traffic to your site…

BIG Brands Use Video Emails To Boost Sales & Profits…

Unfortunately, inserting a video inside an email requires a technology that is beyond the reach of most businesses


This is a very unique, needed and high value service for businesses struggling with the Pandemic. Every Local Business out there, irrespective of the market, the niche or the kind of product or service they are selling…needs a video.​ We can create a new video bespoke for your business or we can take an existing video and convert into an email video and optimise the video to suit ( this may require some trimming and editing )

Fully Optimised Video To Deliver A Personalised Email Video

Reach 100% of your audience with the Email Video that is optimised to deliver the best video experience no matter what device, connection or email client is being used. At the moment of opening the email, the Email Video detects whether the viewer is watching on a cellular, Wi-Fi or fixed network, and delivers the optimised video to provide the best quality user experience for all recipients.

The Holy Grail Of Marketing

For many Businesses they know that Video Marketing is essential to grow their business and are seen as more engaging and form a key component in their Marketing Planning. 

They also know that Social Media Platforms are important  media to get their marketing messages out to existing and potential new customers but there is a problem. As unless a business is willing to invest large sums of money with the major platforms like Facebook and Google that target their marketing at  their focused market, the response is very sporadic and is often like pushing a boulder uphill with a lot of effort for very little reward.

Businesses also know that Email Marketing is the cheapest form of marketing but often you need a large pool to fish from or you target your existing customers who have already purchased from you in the past. This is often the easier approach as they will have built up their customer marketing database and email addresses. 

Now if only there was a way that when their email was received that the user would see your video without the need to click on a link that said play video, as for many people they are wary of opening any links received on their computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets etc. Not just a GIF or an image file but your video as after all the video is key to your marketing and carries your company promotional message and is more engaging with the customer. 

Well now there is, this is what the Big Brands have been doing for a while very successfully and it works for them. So there is no reason why it should not work for any business.

When you send out your video the customer will see your video message play. You can select at what point after the email has been opened that your video marketing message starts to play and the point to finish. The customer can even download the video to watch later or forward the email onto someone else.  

Imagine the opportunity if you will to merge your email marketing with your video campaign.  The investment costs would be greatly reduced from having to spend on sponsored advertising with its shotgun approach for frankly little return as many people just scroll past or swipe sponsored ads and there is nothing that the business can do to prevent this and they have to hope that the user will stop scrolling and click on their sponsored advert.  

Any business and or individual can benefit from this email video messaging and it is no longer just the Big Brands. An individual for example could use this approach as part of their CV offering initial email in response to job applications, how cool would that be. It would make their email stand out from the masses of other applications received. Job agencies in turn could offer this as part of a new service to their clients when putting client packages together.