Why It Is Important To Have A Positive Experience

If you was to venture out shopping you would enter the shop doorway and expect to be greeted with a visual eye pleasing display clearly pointing out clear prices, and signage for offers. As well as a pleasant verbal greeting and this would often form part of your reasoning as to whether to return to the same shop. This is the same and more so when you shop online.

The decision to make a return visit is often based on the above and of course price is important but equally it was often the impression that the visitor is left with after visiting the online store. This matters equally or as more as the product you purchased.  It is the same online, the shopper needs to have a good experience. Also the business should be enabled in way that allows all shoppers to benefit from including ensuring that everyone has easy web accessibility.

So one way businesses can stand out is by ensuring their web accessibility meets ADA WCAG (Web Content Assisted Graphics) legislation is met and is capable of meeting web accessibility compliance is met for the visually impaired for example. You can see more about this. In fact for Government sites in the US it is a legal requirement for business to meet the ADA legislation and companies can be sued if they are not and already there are equivalent legislation for the EU and UK and it is envisaged that the MetaGog will require businesses who trade on their platforms to meet ADA WCAG compliancy as well. So for businesses 2022 could be a good time to invest further in this.

This site already meets these requirements and you will notice the difference when you click on the icon shown here on the individual pages.