Leveraging Social Media

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Social media marketing is one of the most effective proven marketing strategies for any business/organisation. Social media marketing allows you to not only promote your site for free but further fosters a personalised marketing experience in the sense that you are able to reach your target audience in a personalised way. While there is no single strategy that fits all in terms of the effectiveness of social media marketing, consistency and strategic social media activity are key when it comes to enhancing effectiveness in social media marketing. Social networks are the best sources of organic traffic to your site. The trick with increasing your site’s visibility via social media networks is the ability to leverage the right tools and technologies to optimise social media marketing. However, it is important to master social media best practices in order to identify social media tendencies that are likely to put people off. For instance, while posting your website/content is necessary, too many posts are likely to create monotony, thus compromising the impact of your posts. Here is a guide for promoting your site on social media.
Social Media Research
1 Determine most frequented social platforms by your target audience.
2 Leverage the power of YouTube to promote your site.
3 Use social networks to grow your followers organically.
4 Determine the most effective social platform for your niche site.
5 Identify your target audience’s intent in the different social networks.
Define your Target Audience
6 Determine your target audience for the niche site.
7 Segment your audience based on demographics.
8 Identify the issues your audiences are facing.
Develop a Sharing Schedule
9 Develop an acceptable content sharing schedule.
10 Determine the most appropriate time of day for content sharing (for the different social networks).
11 Identified the preferred content consumption style for the different social platforms.
12 Develop a viable content sharing frequency.
13 Tag relevant pages of your site in your social posts.
14 Create variety in your social sharing schedules.
Social Media Posts
15 Include a clear CTA in your posts.
16 Optimise your posts for keyword targeting.
17 Include attractive and quality visuals in your posts.
18 Set up social tools and analytics.
Social Media Audits and Analytics
19 Review benchmarks and social media campaigns.
20 Monitor the results of your social media posts.
21 Set metrics to measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns.
• Use tools such as Bit.ly, HootSuite, for social media planning and scheduling.
• Determine what your target audiences are looking for in the different platform in order to develop a social media promotion strategy.