Mobile First PWA Apps


Ask yourself why do companies want to have a digital online presence, it is no longer enough to have just a website. Today they need to be on their customers phone and easily accessible. They need to be alongside the like of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the major mobile app brands that we all have on our mobile devices.  These in effect are their Digital Sales Brochure and they need to be able to use them to make money for their business. They need them to engage and sell their products or services on. Small and local businesses need somehow to get their business noticed and make sales or they don’t have a business. But mobile app designers charge excessive amounts and add on complexities that make little difference if they are not producing more customers and sales to the business who engage them.

In this way it is only the bigger fish that can afford to have a mobile app so keeps the smaller business from this lucrative market. Everyone talks about the Metaverse and sure this is coming down the road but what we have right now and what smaller businesses need to be engaging with is the Mobileverse. We are delighted to be able to offer an Instant App Funnel Service for our clients. But first let us explore what Instant Funnel Apps are and why these are ideal for smaller / local businesses.

First there was desk websites which in effect were a digital shop window for companies to show case their product and service offers. Then along comes sales funnels to encourage buyer interaction and engagement and to funnel sales through these mobile optimised and desktop websites. Very soon we saw thousands of apps being developed and loaded into the app stores with IOS and Playstore hosting these apps. But over time it has been proving difficult for most business not least the costly to engage web and mobile app designers with price hikes depending on the complexity of the build and design process.

But today we are pleased to be able to offer Instant App Funnels that pull together the best bits of mobile app design and websites that unlike the big platforms like GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress who build their sites as website first and then optimise the screen to fit the mobile devices, which is often why text will scroll over and it looks a bit patchy. Our Instant Funnel Apps are built as mobile first ( which is what Google SEO search engines are looking for to rank higher in Google ) and website second. Our PWA apps are built to fit each device according to its screen size on its own screen, unlike where they are squeezed to fit into the screen and hence some misalignment issues occur when viewed on different devices.

Think of PWA Apps as Digital Real Estate, these put businesses  on customers mobile phones.