Blogging Service

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Most business owners and team members appreciate the importance of social media, but knowing exactly what to do, how and when – well that’s a little more complex! The team pride themselves on results and have helped previous clients achieve some amazing results,

We also offer personal support and a number of training courses and  in half a day we will take you through all the various platforms & how to ensure you are setup properly across social and the various business listings. Working out which platforms are best for your specific business & how to save time using them.

In half a day we will take you through all the reasons video is now such an important part of your marketing mix. Not only that but why it performs so well online & attracts so much more attention than other mediums.

In half a day we will aim to enhance your understanding of the social image and video sharing platform Instagram. We will introduce you to a range of tools, tips and tricks that will enhance your workflow & content specifically on Instagram.

The costs are very reasonable and the benefits can be massive to any business or individual who wants to be able to use social media marketing effectively and maximising their return on investment in this form of marketing media.