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The most tasking part of setting up your niche site is getting more traffic to your site and ultimately increasing your sales volume. While your site may incorporate all the elements that make for a potentially quality site, lack of traffic or overwhelmingly low traffic renders your niche site redundant. As such, it is important to always ensure that your site is optimised for traffic and sales. In addition to optimising the technical aspects of your site for sales and traffic, it is essential to adopt strategies that help nurture and convert leads. While the idea is to get as many visitors to your site, it is also important to be equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to convert the traffic into paying customers. This checklist therefore addresses the factors to consider in optimising your niche site for sales and traffic.
Part 1 – Driving Traffic
1 Check that your site is submitted to search engines for crawling and indexing.
2 Create quality and relevant content.
3 Consider paid ads to promote your site.
4 Promote your content on social media.
5 Check that your niche site is optimised for search.
6 Focus on long-tailed keywords.
7 Conduct competitor research to identify gaps and opportunities.
8 Leverage referral traffic.
9 Create high-quality back-links.
10 Optimise email marketing.
11 Check that your site is mobile-friendly.
12 Be active in comment sections and engage with your audience.
13 Create internal links.
Part 2 – Converting Leads
14 Use appropriate communication channels to engage your leads.
15 Include customer reviews and testimonials on your site.
16 Use longer lead forms to qualify your leads.
17 Leverage exit intent pop-ups such as exclusive content and social media links.
18 Check that your landing pages are campaign-specific.
19 Leverage lead segmentation.
20 Include a compelling CTA.
21 Optimise your lead capture.
•Ensure that your site is submitted to Google via Google console and in Yahoo and Bing by submitting your site’s URL.