Selecting Niche Keywords

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Keywords selection for a niche site slightly differs from the general keyword selection in the sense that because a niche site is mostly characterised by a lower market volume or a smaller representative of the entire market, the keyword research strategies are different to an extent. To this end, when searching keywords for a niche site, two factors are crucial; first, checking that your search targets the low competition keywords and secondly, evaluating the top organic competitors in your niche on Google. Keyword selection for a niche site should be more focused on the specific niche keywords as opposed to the generalised keywords that are extremely broad and compromise your ranking. In addition to generating leads, niche keywords are important to the effect that they provide an in-depth understanding of your target market’s granular attributes. Here is a checklist for the factors to address when selecting keywords for your niche site.
Part 1 – Niche Definition
1 Establish your industry.
2 Ensure your selected products and services align with your niche.
3 Identify the salient problems in your selected niche.
4 Check that your products/services offer solutions to the aforementioned problems.
5 Brainstorm for seed keywords.
Part 2 – Keyword Research
6 Use keyword research tools to identify relevant niche keywords.
7 Refine your niche keyword research list.
8 Determine the competitiveness of your niche keyword phrases.
9 Consistently monitor your niche keywords and their performance.
10 Analyse your competitors’ keywords.
11 Consider using keyword modifiers.
12 Leverage sites such as Amazon, Google Trends., EBay, niche forums to identify low competition keywords.
13 Include question-based keyword research .
14 Target more long tail keywords to boost traffic to your site.
15 Analyse Google’s first page to determine your keyword’s ranking.
Part 3 – Keyword Effectiveness
16 Evaluate the keyword’s commercial intent (in terms of higher advertiser competition).
17 Check the relevance of the keyword to your niche site.
18 Check that the keyword is characterised by low competition on Google.
19 Evaluate the keyword’s ranking on similar sites.
20 Analyse the keyword’s volume.
• Consider using keyword research tools for researching keywords for your niche site.
• Keyword tool options in the market include SEM Rush, Keyword Tool,, KeywordsFX.