Monetise Your Niche Site

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One of the main ideas behind building a niche site is to make money by generating enough leads and driving sales. In addition to sales, there are diverse ways of making money through your niche site, which include affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and sponsored contents. However, as your niche site advances, it is possible to explore other revenue generating avenues for your site such as selling skills, selling digital and physical products, as well as creating gated content for premium members as will be addressed herein. Here is a guide for monetising your niche site.
Selling your Products
1 Create and sell e-guides, e-book and audio books for your niche.
2 Sell video training courses on your site.
3 Build an app or extensions.
4 Develop and sell tools, services and other information.
5 Sell merchandise on your site.
6 Set up paid memberships.
7 Create paid gated community for user engagement in forums and workshops.
8 Offer paid membership for access to educational materials and discounts.
9 Create exclusive premium content.
Affiliate Marketing
10 Make money through Google Adsense and display ads such as Ezoic, Mediavine.
11 Monetise your site through CPA offers.
12 Use Squidoo niche sites to promote affiliate products.
Reviews and Sponsored Posts
13 Provide paid reviews for products on your site.
14 Publish sponsored content on your site.
15 Offer sponsorship opportunities for your live streams.
Monetising your Skills on-site
16 Offer speaking engagements.
17 Charge consultation fee for your skills.
18 Offer your skills to local businesses at a fee.
Drop-shipping and Courses
19 Launch a drop-shipping store.
20 Launch an on-line course for your niche.
21 Consider flipping and selling websites.
22 Monetise access to your email list.
23 Leverage pay per click ads.
24 Sell ad space.