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Choosing the right tools when setting up your niche site can mean the difference between your ability or lack thereof to optimise your site for crucial processes such as hosting, content creation, and marketing. Tools and plugins are central to site personalisation and identifying the most appropriate tools for your site personalisation process is paramount. In addition to marketing automation, the right tools enhance user experience, which is advantageous in terms of boosting customer loyalty. Accordingly, customers are increasingly demanding for personalised products and experiences and as such, leveraging tools to personalise your niche site gives you a competitive edge over your competitors in the market. In essence, a site personalisation process encompasses the creation of buyer personas, market segmentation, site hosting, as well as identifying customer touch points among others. Here are factors to consider when selecting personalisation tools for your site.
Business Goals
1 What are your goals?
2 What tools are your competitors using?
3 What available goal-integration tools are available in the market?
4 What are the online reviews and reputation of your selected goal-integration tool?
Market Segmentation and Integrations
5 How is the tool’s ability to capture data on your site?
6 Does the tool have segmentation capabilities?
7 Is the tool able to target the market segments?
8 Does the tool come with re-marketing capabilities?
9 Is there ease of integration with your ESP?
10 Does the tool integrate with your customer review platforms?
11 Does it integrate with your payment provider and e-commerce platforms?
12 Does the tool identify behaviour patterns in real-time?
General Features
13 What is the tool’s pricing plan?
14 Does it come with readily available customer support?
15 Is there flexibility in terms of the tool’s design and ability to add additional features?
16 What are the terms of service (data ownership and portability).
17 Is it easily navigable?
18 What are the plan options and limitations?
19 Does the tool integrate with your editorial calendar?
20 Does the tool allow for re-sharing?
• Available tools for your niche site include Yieldify, Fresh Relevance, WebFX, Zag Interactive, VWO, Google Optimize, Personyze.