Bspoke Marketing Rental Service Offer

We are excited to be offering SME’s and SOHO  Business owners, a new revolutionary marketing offer for 2022 that we believe is hard to beat on the quality, value and the potential benefits that this delivers through using this marketing approach.

Not only are we proud to offer Virtual Web Agents (VWA) but we are offering alongside this the means to rent them out on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis. Which gives the business owner the flexibility to try them out out for a month for very little cost to their business and they can then upgrade to longer contract of six moths or a year, which reduces their cost still further. We are discounting the rental cost by either 10% or 25% based on the contract chosen.

But why would you want a Virtual Web Agent  – Well simply think of it this way. Think of them as a Sales Rep who is there to sell the benefits of your business and to engage with the customer to increase your sales and enhance the customers journey and point them to your business offer.  Except these Sales Reps (VWA) are not on PAYE or paid on  commission.

Business budgets are being squeezed more than ever and business owners are being pulled in all directions which means that their time and money is having to be spent more wisely than ever to get the best return on their investment. And for a business to survive and grow it needs traffic. Once it has the traffic, it needs to have the means to engage on its website or inside its bricks and mortar store.

The first thing it needs to do is to greet the customers and showcase any special offers either on the homepage or shop window frontage display. Which in effect is what the home page is online, it should be consider the shop window frontage to encourage the visitor to come inside the store and browse around, in the same they would walk through a shop door into the interior of the shop or business to look around and make a purchase.

As most businesses know, to make a sale you need clear sign posting  and engagement with the potential customer. You need clear pathways for the customer and not cluttered with obstacles or confusing notices or the business will run the risk that the visitor will leave the store or the website without feeling engaged and making the purchase, unlikely to return.  This is where the Virtual Web Agent takes over on the website.

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Bspoke Marketing Rental Service Offer

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