Essential 18 Point Check List

Build Your Business By Focusing On A Niche And Build Your Website Using The 18 Point Check List Blueprint Shown Below That Helps You To Build, Rank And Monetise!

Checklist #1 – Choosing your Niche: Choosing the right niche is one of the most important aspects of a successful niche website. It can literally make or break your entire project. In this checklist we go over the simple fail-proof process you need to go through when choosing your niche.

Checklist #2 – Conducting Topical Research For Your Niche Website: Before you start working on your website it’s important to understand your niche really well. You need to understand the problems and pain points of your niche as well as the best solutions. In this checklist, we reveal to you a process for conducting proper research before starting to work on your website.

Checklist #3 – Setting Up Your Niche Site: Once you have your niche chosen and you truly understand it it’s time to start setting up your website. In this checklist, we’ll show you step by step how to get your website up and running.

Checklist #4 – Writing and Publishing Content On Your Niche Site: The next logical step is populating your website with content. In this checklist, we’ll reveal multiple different approaches you can take when it comes to content generation and publishing.

Checklist #5 – Enhancing Email Security: When working on any type of online project it’s extremely important to make sure your email is secured so that nobody can access sensitive information. In this checklist, we’ll go over security measures you can take to enhance your email security.

Checklist #6 – Monetising Your Niche Site: There are countless ways you can monetise your websites whether it would be affiliate marketing, services, products, ads… In this checklist, we’ll go over all types of monetisation options and we’ll show you how to monetise your websites the right way.

Checklist #7 – Building an Email List For Your Niche Site To Maximise Earnings: Having an email list is a massive asset that adds a lot of value to your niche website. In this checklist, we’ll show you how to leverage your website visitors to build a massive email list.

Checklist #8 – SEO Optimisation For Your Niche Site: SEO is another aspect that plays a huge role in niche website development. In this checklist, we go over the best SEO practices to help your website get that solid traction and attract engaged visitors.

Checklist #9 – Optimising Your Niche Site Through Google Webmasters: Google Webmasters is a tool that can help you ensure that your website is primed and optimised for Google’s search engine visibility. In this checklist, we’ll show you exactly how to use and leverage this tool for your own benefit.

Checklist #10 – Optimising Your Niche Site Through Affiliate Marketing: While affiliate marketing is a great monetisation method it can also be a powerful tool that helps attract visitors to your website. In this checklist, we’ll show you exactly how to use this affiliate marketing as a traffic generation method.

Checklist #11 – Selecting Keywords For Your Niche Site Contents: Going after the right keywords can also make or break your project. Choosing the right keywords will determine the amount of traffic you get from search engines therefore it’s extremely important to be good at it. In this checklist, we’ll reveal our process for finding the right keyword for the content of your niche site.

Checklist #12 – Installing Essential Plugins: There are many different plugins that are necessary for your website to function properly, whether it would be security plugins, website speed optimisation, etc. In this checklist, we’ll go over the most important plugins and help you set them up.

Checklist #13 – Link Building For Your Niche Site: Link building is a crucial aspect of your SEO. It’s probably the most important aspect to getting your website’s ranking. In this checklist, we’ll go over some proven outreach strategies and methods to get powerful back-links for your niche sites.

Checklist #14 – Leveraging Social Media For Your Niche Site: We all know social media is a very powerful marketing tool and it would a shame not to use it to grow your niche website. In this checklist, we’ll go over some tactics and strategies that will help you leverage social media to grow your niche sites.

Checklist #15 – Optimising Your Niche Website For Sales and Traffic: Conversion optimisation is another important tactic that can boost your sales and revenue generated from your niche sites without having to spend any extra time or even money on trying to drive more traffic. In this checklist, we’ll go over some powerful CRO tactics that will help you maximise your profits from niche sites.

Checklist #16 – Leveraging Tools For Your Niche Website: Choosing the right tools for your website can make or break your project. it’s important to pick the right tools for the job and more importantly tools that you’re going to need. In this checklist, we’ll help you come up with tools that will actually help you move the needle in your business.

Checklist #17 – Developing Long Term Content Strategy For Your Niche Site: Content marketing is a long-term play and it’s important to have the right mindset for it to work. In this checklist, we’ll help you develop a powerful long-term content strategy that will get you results.

Checklist #18 – Setting Up Google Analytics: Things that you can track are the things you can optimise which is why it’s important to set up google analytics for your website. In this checklist, we’ll show you exactly how to do just that!