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Your content strategy can be the difference between the success and failure of your niche site. One strategic move when it comes to content creation is ensuring that your content is optimised for SEO. While the quantity of content matters, it is important to ensure that the content produced is of high quality and highly resonates with your intended audience. The organisation and presentation of content on your niche site matters in terms of structure and for ease of navigation. Always ensure that your content is readable and valuable enough to maximise impact. Incorporate keywords that are more palatable to your niche for SEO maximisation and in a similar vein, ensure that your content demonstrates authenticity and originality for higher ranking on search engines. This checklist is a comprehensive guide for factors to consider in order to publish relevant and SEO-optimised content for your niche site.
Part 1 – Articles
1 Check that your title is unique and captivating (clickable title).
2 Incorporate relevant keywords in your title for higher ranking.
3 Use tools and resources to create and analyse your headlines/titles.
4 Check that your content is keyword targeted.
5 Check for spelling and grammar errors in your articles/content.
6 Use short sentences and paragraphs.
7 Check that the content is relevant and valuable to the target audience.
8 Create a schedule for content publishing and stick to it.
9 Break up long content using headers and sub-headers.
Part 2 – Design
10 Create an attractive and captivating website design.
11 Check that the images used are of high quality.
12 Leverage the power of quality videos in your content.
13 Avoid cluttering your website with distracting banner ads.
14 Ensure the design and content of your website is organised in an orderly manner.
Part 3 – Link Building
15 Build quality links to your content.
16 Analyse your competitors’ links to identify opportunities.
17 Consider guest posting and broken link building.
18 Include both internal and external links.
19 Create links using resource pages.
20 Consider using guestographics to get links.
• Use tools such as Headline Resources on QuickSprout and Coschedule Headline Analyser to analyse your titles.
• Long Tail Pro or Google are good resources for keywords searches.