What Is A VWA

Every business needs traffic, that a given. Whether you are a bricks and mortar style business or an online store – You need visitors in the form of footfall or visitors to your website. Only when you get traffic will you get the opportunity to engage with your customer or client and ultimately for them to make a purchase from you.

This Bread & Butter for any business and without traffic, simply put the business will never grow and you are pushing a boulder uphill.

But the real question is not that you need traffic, that’s necessary for any business to survive, just look at the home video rental service provider Blockbuster and how quickly they went to the wall, when they didn’t adapt their business model. But rather it is how does a business choose to engage with them to convince them to buy their product or service, especially when the purchaser has so much more choice on where to spend their purchasing pound or dollar.

This is where the Virtual Web Agents come in their own.  They will engage with your website visitors and inform them and point them to your latest offering sale bargain of the month when they enter your online store, or even they could remind users at various points along the customer journey or on their point of exit in the same way a store employee might do so. Except that they are visual overloads embedded onto any page that are then designed to engage with the visitor to that page.

Each month new offers, deals, specials can be updated and new styles of greetings be added to keep the content fresh and relevant for the visitor. The business can chose to keep the same or they can take out a monthly contract which gives them even more options. So when Black Friday or Season sales events such as Summer Sales or Halloween they can change up their sales pitch or offers.

We also create videos in 720 and 1080 standard or high definition quality which can be used on social media platforms, we can even manage the social media marketing on clients behalf at very competitive price points and supply a url link that can be used for email marketing. These links can be used in emails to either send direct ( see our Direct Promotional Marketing) to support business campaigns or be added to an email signature, to touch any email contact that reaches out when their employee or themselves use their email. Just think of the number of potential customers / clients that can be engaged through these customer touch points through the use of an email signature and represents an often untapped customer base.

With our optional packages these could be a one off or changed on an updated monthly basis to showcase the changing messages throughout the calendar year. In the same way that a bricks and mortar business would update their window and shop displays or the Sales Reps would offer different products on their regular customer calls.

Our Virtual Web Agents can also be turned into a video from the embed if the client would like to promote their offers through social media networks as well. The choice is theirs to decide but we recognise that for businesses budgets are being squeezed and for many they are up against a brick wall so we are offering our rental service at very affordable rates that will not bust the budget and offers significant potential business return on investment for the businesses themselves.


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