Bspoke Marketing Prezentar Services

Sure you can do this, you will need to buy the software and currently we have coupons available from $50 through to $200 but these are time limited and may still be available please check here for details. We are authorised to sell Prezentar and to Create Presentations for commercial clients.

Or you can let us create your Presentation or VSL  for you using our Bspoke Marketing Services, contact us for pricing quote based on your requirements, but you can be sure it will be competitively priced. We will deliver a high quality project that will wow your audience and build the slides to suit your needs.

Finding Start Up Investors – Check this out to see the slide deck available, bearing in mind that each individual slide can be edited with bespoke images, text, graphs, chart, infographics etc. Each slide can have bespoke transitions or left clean. The presentations can be made in Powerpoint, Canva or Prezentar, but the latter offers so much more and we can create the presentation in a Video, PDF and HTML format dependent on client requirements. See the flipbook below.